National Service Programs

AmeriCorps – Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Literacy by 3rd grade program

HandsOn Central California with the support of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) manages the The Third Grade Reading Challenge Project.

The VISTA project focuses on ensuring that by the time students reach the 3rd grade, they will be proficient in reading, in order to be academically successful through graduation. Research shows that proficiency in reading by the end of third grade enables students to shift from learning to read to reading to learn, and to master the more complex subject matter they encounter in the fourth grade curriculum. Most students who fail to reach this critical milestone falter in the later grades, often drop out before earning a high school diploma, and struggle for the rest of their lives. In Fresno County, 2010, only 40 percent of Grade 3 students scored proficient or higher on English Language Arts California Standardize Test measure, lower than the state average of 44 percent of students. The following issues contribute to students not reaching proficiency levels prior to the end of third grade:

  • English Language Learne
  • Need Free and Reduced Lunch
  • Homeless and Foster Children
  • Lack of routine in home learning activities
  • History of health related issues

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  • Serve the Community
  • Build Your Skills
  • Be a Vital Part of a Community and a Team
  • Prepare for Your Future


  • Monthly living stipend
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Education award of $5,550
  • Child care benefits

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