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Nominations for the 50th Annual 

Hands Across the Valley Awards

are now open!

"We celebrate the selfless individuals around our country who channel their civic virtues through volunteerism... devoted to a cause bigger than themselves.... Volunteers help drive our country's progress, and day in and day out, they make extraordinary sacrifices to expand promise and possibility". ~Barack Obama, 2016


Has a volunteer touched your life in a meaningful way?

Has a volunteer made a significant contribution to your organization?


Can’t say enough wonderful things about your amazing volunteers?

Then nominate them for an award!

For the past 50 years, HandsOn Central California has sponsored Hands Across The Valley Awards to recognize volunteers whose commitment and service in the field of volunteerism has had a tangible impact on our communities in the Central Valley. Nothing changes a community for the better like volunteering. Whether organizing a food or clothing drive, securing the safety of neighbors, tutoring children, or cleaning up streets, doing good connects us with others in meaningful ways. And it creates and cultivates a community that cares.


Now is the time to submit your nominations for these change-makers!  Over 250 individuals and organizations have been held up and honored over the past 50 years - take a moment to honor those individuals who help your organizations succeed.  There is no cost to nominate, and all nominees are recognized.  This premier event will be held Wednesday April 25th, 2018 at the Clovis Memorial Building, but nominations must be submitted by February 28, 2018.


You can access a pdf version of the nomination form by by clicking here.


You can access a Microsoft Word Document version of the nomination form by clicking here.


Fill out the application and return it to us via email at,                    fax: (559) 237-6860, or mail 732 N. Van Ness Ave Fresno, CA 93728.


Nominations must be received by February 28, 2018.


This post originally appeared on the Points of Light blog April 21, 2017

Making the Business Case for Employee Volunteering

For companies, building a culture that connects volunteering to a broader organizational mission can require an intentional and sustained effort to engage stakeholders, creating a strong business case and adopting policies and programs supportive of service. Increasingly, leaders in corporate citizenship are building the skill set and experience to translate the importance of engaging employees in service to the vernacular of an executive boardroom. To provide some best practices for companies trying to build volunteer programs, Jenny Lawson, president of networks at Points of Light, and Hannah Christie, environmental, social and governance project manager EMEA at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, lay out some of the foundational facts that employee volunteer leaders can use to strengthen their case.

Read the entire article by clicking on the link Here

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We Need You Here!

Classroom Reading Aide

Will assist with literacy and comprehension with elementary school children who struggle in those areas. Will assist teacher with classroom task and instruction. Must be willing to complete application and orientation/training.

Merced, CA

Through 5/31/18

Tulare County Office of Education - Academic Decathlon - Be a Judge For a Day!

Academic Decathlon is a countywide student event for grades 9 through 12. It is part of the National Academic Decathlon competition. Schools field teams of up to nine members divided by thirds into Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity. Students compete in a series of 10 academic events including written examinations, speech, interview and Super Quiz. The winner in Tulare County competes at the state level; the state winner competes at the national level. For this event we are looking for volunteers to serve as judges. As an Academic Decathlon Judge you will either be assigned as an Interview or Speech Judge. You will be placed on a panel with other community members to interview students (similar to a job interview) or listen to student speeches and evaluate them using guidelines and scoring forms provided. All judges attend a brief orientation on the morning of the event.

Visalia, CA

1/27/18 7:30 AM

Classroom Volunteer

Volunteers needed to help struggling students learn how to read. Our classroom volunteers help elementary students with letter recognition and sounds, vocabulary development, fluency, and reading comprehension. We only ask for a 1-hour commitment per week and volunteers are required to pass a light background check and attend orientation and training.

Fresno, CA

Through 6/7/18

Literacy Tutor

The Literacy by 3rd Grade program's main goal is to develop sustainable programmatic capacity for Fresno Elementary schools to use volunteers and to improve literacy support for children who are at risk of not reading at grade level by third grade. The program will require an application, background check, and at least a semester commitment towards the school and hours can be from 1-2 hours per week. Thank you for choosing to volunteer and being the change to inspire our youth.

Fresno, CA

Through 8/4/18

Classroom Aid

Volunteers will be working directly with struggling children to increase their reading proficiency by working in the classroom. Volunteers commit to one hour, once a week, for a semester or year long period. Volunteers must pass a light background check and complete a short application.

Fresno, CA

Through 8/4/18

Brain Activation Literacy Program

In need of DYNAMIC Volunteers to accomplish DYNAMIC feats! Volunteers will be asked to provide a semester long commitment of 1-2 hours per week with assisting struggling students with enhancing their literacy levels efficiently. The Brain Activation Literacy Program is designed to provide advocacy for our struggling children and the teachers, who strive for the advancement of our children. Every child should receive a proper education, and if you agree with me, then join the team. Remember, DYNAMIC is the key.

Fresno, CA

Through 7/14/18

Reading Tutor

Volunteers will be placed in the classrooms to work with students on literacy. Volunteers may also assist in other classroom activities such as facilitating classroom behavior, mentoring, work as a Teacher's Assistant, and other subjects.

Fresno, CA

Through 7/27/18

Become a reading superhero for k-3rd

You will be working with students one on one or in small groups in classrooms on reading.

Fresno, CA

Through 6/30/18

literacy instructor

Volunteers will be helping students with literacy activities to help the teachers help those students who are not reading at grade level. We would train volunteers on literacy and only require at least one hour per week.

Fresno, CA

Through 8/1/18

Volunteer Literacy Tutor

Do you have extra time on your hands? Do you enjoy working with children? The Literacy by 3rd Grade Program is looking for volunteer literacy tutors to go into classrooms and assist with literacy, either one-on-one or in centers/groups. Volunteer Literacy Tutors work with students in TK-3rd Grade on: sight-words fluency/blending, segmenting, reading in context, and other duties as assigned. Do you belong to an organization and need/want philanthropy hours? All we ask is one week MINIMUM per week. Please fill out, complete and turn in the application, pass a light background check, attend an orientation and training (one hour's time), then you will be placed into a classroom dependent on your schedule.

Fresno, CA

Through 8/1/18

Literacy Volunteer

Are you looking for a fun, exciting volunteer experience with kids? Then come volunteer at Olmos Elementary as a Literacy Volunteer. Literacy volunteers work one on one with students or with small groups to increase student reading ability. Activities include: vocabulary games, reading, letter recognition, and more. Requirements: Volunteers must pass a light background check for student safety, attend an orientation and training, commit at least 1 hour per week, for the semester.

Fresno, CA

Through 8/3/18

Reading Coach

Literacy coaches can play very important roles in the lives of the children they work with. ... As a literacy coach, you can provide invaluable support and enrichment to students who are learning to read and write by: offering individual or small group attention. Participating as a volunteer for Vinland Elementary it is preferred that one hour a week for at least one semester is dedicated! Orientation and training is given before being placed in a classroom. Light background check to ensure the safety of the students. This opportunity also has potential professional development for yourself!

Fresno, CA

Through 8/1/18