2019 Hands Across The Valley Awards

 Call for Nominations



Nothing changes a community for the better like volunteering. Whether organizing a food or clothing drive, securing the safety of neighbors, tutoring children, or cleaning up streets, doing good connects us with others in meaningful ways. And it creates and cultivates a community that cares. For the past 50 years, HandsOn Central California has sponsored Hands Across The Valley Awards to recognize volunteers whose commitment and service in the field of volunteerism has had a tangible impact on our communities and Central Valley region.

You are invited to participate in the Hands Across The Valley Awards. Please identify an individual, group or company that you believe exemplifies high quality volunteer involvement by generously giving their time and energy to address our regional challenges. Awards will be presented at a special luncheon April 24, 2019 during National Volunteer Week. All nominees will be recognized, and winners will receive an award signifying their stellar service.



Outstanding Volunteers will be selected by a panel of judges in each of the following categories:


  • Adult Volunteer: Volunteer over 18
  • Building Healthy Community Award: Individuals and/or groups who have volunteered time to support health issues.
  • Building Strong Children and Families Volunteer: Working on behalf of children's and family issues.
  • Business Volunteer or Group: Volunteers from community businesses.
  • College Student Volunteer: Enrolled in college while volunteering.
  • Community Award for Outstanding Leadership: Significant contributions through time, actions, talent and dedication in a volunteer leadership role.
  • Lifetime Achievement: Volunteer exemplifies a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.
  • Service Club/Organization volunteers; i.e. Kiwanis Club, Boy Scouts
  • Youth Volunteer: Volunteer under 18.




  • Community Needs and Solution – How did the nominee’s actions meet or solve a real community need or challenge? Did the activities lead to a long-term solution? Has the nominee made a long-lasting positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people in the community, region, state, nation, or internationally through volunteer service activities?

  • Connection Building– How did their activities demonstrate hands-on service that resulted in building a connection between the community and those who may be isolated from it? Were connections made with groups beyond the agency for which the volunteer worked?

  • Impact – What impact/benefits resulted from the nominee’s activities and efforts? How many or what types of people and groups were worked with? What was the nominee’s level of involvement? Was the amount of time spent significant?

  • Distinctive Achievements – Was the service provided extraordinary and meaningful? Did their activities show innovation or unique approaches to addressing serious social challenges?


Submission Instructions:

It is strongly recommended that nominations first be prepared in a word processing document. Use the following pages to help collect and organize the information so it can be easily copied and pasted into the online form. Not only does this let the nominator collect, write, edit, and check character counts but it also ensures that any disruptions (e.g., loss of internet connection) do not mean loss of time and work.

One photo of the nominee should be included with the nomination, but do not include CDs, DVSs, newspaper articles, notebooks or other materials. Late, incomplete or misdirected nomination forms will be disqualified. Nominations must be postmarked, submitted online, or emailed by February 28, 2019.


Tips for submitting a strong nomination: 

  1. Make sure you fill out the nomination form as completely as possible. 
  2. Submit documentation to support your nomination. 
  3. Don't forget to include a picture of your nominee. 
  4. Be sure to tell us how the volunteer impacted you or your organization. 
  5. Get your nomination in before the deadline! 


HandsOn staff is available to guide you in the nomination process, please call us if you have any questions or need additional guidance at (559) 237-3101. Ticket Sales will be coming in January 2019 so stay tuned!


TO DOWNLOAD A NOMINATION FORM: Click Here OR SCROLL DOWN to complete the nomination online.


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Hands Across the Valley Awards 2019 - Nomination Form


Nominations can be submitted via mail, email, or fax by downloading the Pdf nomination Form by clicking here. Nominations can be submitted online by using the fillable form below, please scroll down. 



# of YEARS this nominee has served. Be specific. It is acceptable to estimate, but do not use terms like "many" or "countless".

Photo of Nominee

I hereby certify that the information being submitted is an accurate representation of the service performed by the nominee. Please type in your name to certify.

Provide a very brief (max 1,000 characters) and specific statement describing the nominee's history with volunteering, and why they are worthy of being selected for the hands Across the Valley Award. This information may be used for announcements during the award ceremony or in media releases.

Describe how the nominee’s actions met or solved a real community need. Include specific information about how the activities led to a long-term solution, and how the nominee made long-lasting positive and meaningful differences in the lives of people in the community, region, state, nation, or internationally through their volunteer service activities.

Provide examples of how the nominee demonstrated hands-on service to build connections between the community and those who might be isolated from it. Explain how/if connections were made with groups beyond the agency for which the volunteer worked.

List specific examples of the impact and benefits achieved as a result of the activities and efforts of this nominee (changes in the economy, environment, or social conditions). Include how many and what types of people and groups were worked with. What was the nominee’s level of involvement? Was the amount of time spent significant?

Provide details about how their volunteer service was extraordinary and meaningful. How did the nominee’s activities show innovative or unique approaches to addressing serious social challenges?

Has the nominee received other recognition or awards for their volunteer activities?